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How to Eat a Mango
In celebration of my purchase of the summer's first mango.

You will need:

1 mango
1 plate
1 small, sharp knife
1 damp cloth for cleanup

Step 1
Using the kife, slit the skin of the mango from top to bottom, all the way around, then again at right-angles.  This should leave the skin in quarters.

Step 2
Peel the skin off in quarters.  You will now be holding a whole, naked mango in your hands.

Step 3
Holding mango in both hands, bring it up to your face. Open mouth wide, and devour mango.

Step 4

After sucking the last of the flesh off the stone, daintily clean hands and face with damp cloth. Dispose of mango remnant in environmentally-friendly manner.

True story: Until i was fourteen I honestly thought this was how everyone ate mangoes.  I couldn't figure out how they got those neat little cubes.


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